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In addition to the terror charge, Brenton Tarrant also faces 51 charges of murder and 40 of attempted murder over the March 15 the Christchurch mosque attacks

Brenton Tarrant, 28, is facing a total of 51 murder charges, 40 of attempted murder and - for the first time - terrorism, under laws that were introduced in 2002 but have never been tested in court.

Doctors have been ordered by a Paris court to resume their treatment of a quadriplegic man, in a stunning twist, 12 hours after his life support was switched off against the wishes of his parents.

Jean Debouzy, mayor of Montereau in northern France (stock photo), issued a decree saying he was 'favourable to the distribution of the little blue pills'.

Niki Lauda dies aged 70: Austrian Formula 1 legend passes away at Swiss Clinic

Formula 1 icon Niki Lauda ‘passed away peacefully on Monday’ at the age of 70 in University Hospital Zurich where he was admitted earlier this month for dialysis. Lauda, born in Austria, took the F1 world by storm when he won the 1975 driver’s championship and looked set to seize the trophy again the following year, before a horror crash in Germany saw his head and neck badly burned. Despite being so close to death that the last rites were read to him in hospital, he was back in a car just six weeks later with his head still bandaged. He narrowly lost the ’76 season to British Driver James Hunt, with whom he had a legendary rivalry featured in the film Rush. During the crash Lauda also sustained lung injuries and required a double transplant in August last year.

How Iran can strike US targets in the Middle East: Missiles, sea mines, drones and

Iran's missiles, sea mines and its jihadist allies throughout the Middle East stand on guard to wage war against the United States - from the American warships stationed in the Gulf to the US troops in Syria (pictured: a map showing Iranian weapons capabilities and influence with jihadists abroad). Across the blood-soaked deserts they have battle-hardened jihadists prepared to be martyred against US troops in Iraq, Syria and Afghanistan. Iran can also rain down fire on Washington's closest regional allies Israel and Saudi Arabia. Last week, unidentified assailants struck Saudi oil assets and on Sunday others fired a rocket into Baghdad´s heavily fortified 'Green Zone' that exploded near the U.S. embassy. Iran denied any role in either incident.

The girl, named Shevar, was visiting her grandparents in the village of Jahangirabad, near Delhi, when she put the cable into her mouth while it was still plugged in and was electrocuted.

In the footage a man can be seen sitting on an exercise mat just a few yards away from a woman doing weighted squats at a Virgin Active gym in Stellenbosch, a university town in Western Cape.

The move means Iran could quickly exceed stockpile limits set under the nuclear deal, which it has threatened to tear up on July 7 unless world power unite to defend its interests.

The 32-year-old victim was asleep with her children at their home in the town of Fatehpur, in the Punjab, when two masked attackers broke in and raped her at gunpoint.

The man, from Naples, was taken to hospital and died on Saturday evening, amid reports of a possible argument between medics which may have wasted valuable time (stock photo).

President Trump doubled down on his tough talk against Iran, calling them the 'number one provocateur of terror in this country' as the war of words between the two nations.

Horrifying moment weightlifter's leg SNAPS as he attempts to squat 250kg in Russia

WARNING GRAPHIC CONTENT: Yaroslav Radashkevich was at the Eurasian Weightlifting Championship when he buckled under the colossal weight at the gym in Khabarovsk in the Russian Far East. In the footage his team remove the support (top left) and Radashkevich lowers himself (bottom left) and holds the weight for a brief moment with his legs bent before one of them breaks (right). He suffered a compound fracture to his right tibia and was rushed to hospital on Sunday. Radashkevich said he will require lengthy rehabilitation and will no longer be able to work as a personal trainer. He said he was facing immense difficulty in paying for bills, including his mounting medical costs.

(Completely) bare knuckle fighting: Naked man brawls with lifeguard on the beach after he refuses to cover up 

Shocked sunbathers looked on as the naked man began arguing with the lifeguard on a family beach in northern Cyprus before a passerby tackled the naked man to the floor. The lifeguard and the passerby then rained punches and kicks down on the man, at which point the footage cut out. Witnesses said the lifeguard was trying to get the man to cover up and he refused, sparking the fight. It is not clear from local reports whether the naked man will face legal action.

Three guards and 29 inmates were killed in a high-security prison in Vakhdat, western Tajikistan. The riot began on Sunday after militants armed with knives began attacking other prisoners.

The family in Hamburg, Germany, were bringing the infant (stock photo) home from hospital for the first time when they absent-mindedly walked off from the vehicle with the baby still inside.

The food chain said on Tuesday that Sweden will be the first European country where it sells the new kind of veggie burger, with sales to start on Wednesday.

The male winners of the Asturias Squash Championship, held in northern Spain, were given trophies in recognition of their victory, while the women received trophies plus a bizarre gift basket.

William Blackburn, from the Isle of Man (pictured), was named as a victim of the plane crash in Dubai last week a day after ex-RAF wing commander David Phillips was also named.

Alina Kabaeva, 36, reportedly gave birth to twin boys after security personnel swept through a hospital in Moscow and removed all but essential staff from the VIP maternity ward.

'Horrifying' video game where players murder a journalist to make 'front page news' sparks fury

Sniper 3D Assassin players are urged to fire at a reporter and 'make him famous in a different way' - in a mission called 'Breaking News'. If they hit the target, the screen flashes up with the message: 'Mission accomplished - that's a cover story'. The game has prompted a backlash against Brazil-based developer TFG amid fears for the safety of journalists worldwide, and the level has since been removed, according to reports.

The dark world of Hitler's elite Brandenburger troops

Nazi Germany's Brandenburger forces were known for using captured uniforms and fluency in other languages to disguise themselves as enemy soldiers and carry out spy missions. One such soldier, Sepp de Giampietro (pictured far left on a tank with German comrades), wrote a first-hand account called Blood and Soil: The Memoirs of a Third Reich Brandenburger, which has been translated into English for the first time. The book follows the young soldier through some of the war's most brutal conflicts. In the postscript he describes how he came to realise the horror of the Nazis and admits 'the war bore no justification'. Pictured top right: Brandenburgers parade in Athens in 1941; bottom right: the remains of a captured vehicle after the Brandenburgers, dressed in Russian uniform, had crossed a bridge in Latvia; inset: a Nazi grave marker with a damaged helmet on top, also in Latvia.

Officials in Tottori prefecture, home to Japan's only sand dunes, say there has been a spike in people writing on the sand in recent years despite the act being banned in 2008.

The Order of Canons Regular of Premontre at Grimbergen Abbey in Belgium have begun brewing the ale again after rediscovering the original 12th-century recipe and methods in their archives.

Kami Rita Sherpa, 49, reached the 29,035ft summit of Mount Everest Tuesday, just a week after breaking his own record of 23 ascents of the mountain where he has worked as a guide since 1994.