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Was HE the toxic ingredient? ALISON BOSHOFF on Jamie Oliver's 'arrogant' brother-in-law

ALISON BOSHOFF: Jamie Oliver has sold 40million books, never seems to be off our TV screens and is surely the most famous chef in the UK. But that was not enough to persuade diners to pay £4.50 for a garlic flatbread or £15.30 for a prawn linguine at his Jamie’s Italian chain. More than 1,000 staff are to lose their jobs, and dozens of suppliers will find themselves out of pocket – some to a possibly disastrous extent. Banks and creditors, including HSBC – which as recently as September last year agreed to lend the business more money, taking its loan to a reported £37million – will be left reeling. He lives with wife Jools (together in the middle image) and their five children in a £10 million house in Hampstead (top right) and is a workaholic, often putting in 15-hour days at his HQ in North London. He has also recently bought an enormous 16th century stately home with 70 acres in Essex for £6 million (pictured bottom right). In a painful twist, the spotlight now falls upon Paul Hunt (inset with his wife and left with Jamie), a flashy former City trader who happens to be Jamie’s brother-in-law. 

May's cabinet at war over No Deal: Andrea Leadsom says Britain must leave the EU on

Theresa May's Brexit deal was hanging by a thread last night as furious Tory MPs savaged her decision to open the door to a second referendum. In a dramatic gamble, the Prime Minister offered MPs a binding vote on a second EU poll – if they backed her withdrawal deal at the fourth attempt next month (pictured in Westminster yesterday). Boris Johnson, (inset) who voted for Mrs May's deal at the third attempt, led the attacks on her latest offer, saying: 'Now we are being asked to vote for a customs union and a second referendum. The Bill is directly against our manifesto – and I will not vote for it. We can and must do better – and deliver what the people voted for.' Former Brexit secretary Dominic Raab, who is lining up against Mr Johnson to succeed the PM, said he could not support legislation 'that would be the vehicle for a second referendum or customs union'. 

Ramon Djuana, 15, Jacob Morgan, 15, Caleb Brown and Aaron Miller, 20, jailed after stabbing and battering Cemeren Yilmaz, 16, to death in Bedford while filming murder on Snapchat.

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NEW It also criticised the way female AI’s respond to gender-based insults with ‘deflecting, lacklustre or apologetic responses.’

The anonymous woman shared the post in a wedding shaming group on Facebook. The bride-to-be branded her future husband's daughter a 'crotch goblin' and said the child was 'his mistake'.

Iran's missiles, sea mines and its jihadist allies throughout the Middle East stand on guard to wage war against the United States - from the American warships stationed in the Gulf to the troops in Syria.

Iker Casillas' wife reveals she is battling ovarian cancer weeks after his heart attack

The wife of goalkeeper Iker Casillas, who suffered a heart attack earlier this month, has revealed she is fighting ovarian cancer. Sara Carbonero made the shock announcement on Tuesday. She said on social media, in an emotional post less than three weeks after her partner suffered a heat attack while training for club side Porto: 'When we hadn't yet recovered from one shock, life has surprised us again.

Jamien Nagadhana (pictured) denies sexually assaulting a woman as she was being raped by Williams in a hotel room after the ex-JLS star had performed at a nightclub in Wolverhampton.

Alabama 3 co-founder/singer Jake Black has died. The band is best known for their song Woke Up This Morning, which was used as the theme for HBO's legendary series The Sopranos.

Amber Heard expressed her love and spoke of reuniting with Johnny Depp in last text

NEW Johnny Depp shared what he claims was his final text fro Amber Heard before their acrimonious, and ongoing, divorce battle. In court papers filed in Fairfax County, Virginia and obtained by DailyMail.com, Depp also claims to have spoken with a number of Heard's former partners about her alleged history of abuse. He even detailed an incident between heard and her ex-wife which resulted in the actress having to spend a night behind bars.

NHS data shows there were 26,725 cases of sepsis in children under five in 2015 in England. Charities say between 1,000 and 4,000 under-fives die every year in the UK from the condition

Natwest refused to refund university lecturer Rebecca Scott for five months after fraudsters, claiming to be from Natwest's fraud team, stole almost £8,000 from her bank account.

British supermarkets could introduce a 1p charge for self-service checkouts after a Government panel suggested it could raise £30million for projects to help heal divisions caused by Brexit.

NEW The number of child slavery investigations in the UK has jumped nearly tenfold in just two years, figures reveal today as police chiefs warn there are now 'just too many predators out there'.

Kate Middleton arrives for Buckingham Palace Garden party

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have joined the Queen (right) for a garden party at Buckingham Palace this afternoon. Kate, 37, looked elegant in a soft pink coat dress by Alexander McQueen, which she paired with a matching hat by Juliette Botterill and delicate pearl earrings that once belonged to Princess Diana (left).

RHS Chelsea Flower Show sees garden with no flowers win prize M&G Garden

Since first bursting into bloom in 1912, the Chelsea Flower Show has been, well, about flowers. But yesterday – possibly for the first time – an almost entirely green garden won the coveted Best in Show award. With visitors commenting that the design ranged from 'disappointing' to 'brave', the winner is the talk of the gardening world. The M&G Garden, designed by Andy Sturgeon, was crowned as the Best in Show by the Royal Horticulture Society's judges yesterday. The garden is sponsored by M&G Investments which also backs the show. Set against huge, blackened oak sculptures that look like rocks and weigh 15 tons, the garden symbolises the 'regenerative theme of new life'.

Earning a degree now lumbers students with an average debt of £50,000, and high interest rates mean most won't pay it back before it is automatically wiped after three decades.

Texan Terry Miles, 45, was convicted in February of two counts of kidnapping and sex crimes in the abduction of Tonya Bates' two daughters in 2017, but he was never charged in the woman's death.

Amber Kyzer broke down during her testimony on Monday at the death penalty trial of her ex-husband, Timothy Jones, who is charged with killing their five young children in South Carolina in 2014.

Brexit Party's EU election success will topple both May and Corbyn, vows Farage

Nigel Farage (top) told a crowd of about 3,000 at Kensington Olympia, west London (inset), that both Theresa May and Jeremy Corbyn would face the axe after the European elections. Mr Farage (bottom left and right) also called Mrs May's premiership a 'slow-motion betrayal' and said she had dragged the country through a 'constant abject humiliation'. Supporters queued for more than two hours as they waited for Mr Farage to appear, waving blue flags. Mr Farage came on stage to soft rock and the crowd rose to their feet, holding their phones aloft. When party chairman Richard Tice called, 'What do we want?' the crowd would shout 'Brexit'.

Stand by! Man the braces! Look lively there! The Prime Minister is giving her tattered Brexit deal one final try. That same unloved bill that’s already suffered a hat-trick of defeats in the Commons.

EXCLUSIVE: Sources say former defence secretary Gavin Williamson is playing an active role in bringing MPs over to Boris Johnson's party leadership camp.

After her pitch today of a New Deal appeared to appease approximately no-one in Westminster politics it seems that the vote will herald the end of her Premiership and spark a furious period of politics

The opposition leader, who last week broke off talks with the PM's top team after weeks of deadlock, branded it 'effectively a repackaging of the same old bad deal, rejected three times'.

The EU Council President, who said there is a 'special place in hell' reserved for people who promoted Brexit without a plan, backed Jan Rostowski claiming he would make a 'great MEP for London'.

The Brexit Party leader was soaked by Paul Crowther in Newcastle upon Tyne yesterday after the remainer hurled a £5.25 drink from Five Guys at him.

JANET STREET-PORTER: What did Jamie Oliver expect to happen

JANET STREET-PORTER: Jamie Oliver (pictured right) says he's 'devastated' by the closure of dozens of his Italian restaurants. Over 1,000 workers (group pictured outside Jamie's Italian in Piccadilly today, inset) have lost their jobs without any warning - I don't imagine that they had much of a 'pukka' day either. This latest example of rampart egomania bringing down a celebrity chef has seen Jamie Oliver - the most famous cook in the world - face the unpalatable truth; diners don't love the cheeky chap from Essex as much as he imagined. Our hot love affair hasn't just cooled, it's the leftover lasagne at the back of the freezer.

Food critics and UK industry experts claim the overpriced, mid-range meals on offer at Jamie Oliver's four High Street restaurants were a recipe for disaster.

Leonardo DiCaprio and Brad Pitt embrace at Once Upon A Time In Hollywood premiere in

Leonardo DiCaprio, Brad Pitt and Margot Robbie joined director Quentin Tarantino at the at the glitzy premiere for Once Upon A Time... In Hollywood on the red carpet before the film received a six-minute standing ovation. The Revenant actor, 44, and Brad, 55, delighted fans as they shared a friendly embrace at the star-studded screening during the 72nd annual Cannes Film Festival on Tuesday. The two actors were looking dapper in matching tuxedos as they attended the launch of Quentin Tarantino's latest film, with stars including co-stars Margot Robbie and Dakota Fanning in attendance. 

Alex Stamos, who left his post as chief security officer in 2018, said Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg should 'give up some of that power' and make way for a new chief executive.

During a presentation by Sony Interactive Entertainment, an executive showed off the PlayStation 5's super fast load times, thanks to an all new solid state drive built into the device.

Lock up your fridge! Burglar BADGER is caught on camera raiding mother's freezer to gorge on mashed potato, crumpets and ice lollies

Hannah Carver, 29, spotted a badger coming in through the cat flap on her front door in Gosport, Hampshire, after wrongly suspecting a fox was to blame. She had been waking up to sounds of crashing and banging from her kitchen, and found the room covered in half-eaten frozen foods and wrappers. The barmaid told her friends, but they wouldn't believe her so she set up a camera and saw the badger creeping in, clawing open the freezer and gorging on frozen treats. The badger has a soft spot for ice lollies, and one clip shows him opening up and wolfing down countless bubblegum flavour ice creams. It has also eaten its way through Twister ice lollies, mash potato, crumpets and Chinese style pork chops, but turned its nose up at scallops.

Kalvin Chapman (pictured) took an overdose at his home in Manchester then emailed police politely requesting that they come to collect his body, writing: 'My flat door is unlocked. Much appreciated.'

Richard Moore, 33, of Bury, received £34,500 between 2014 and January 2019 after claiming he could not work due to depression and anxiety. But he actually had four jobs in that time.

Retired entrepreneurs Chris and Brenda Gandy have grown their nest-egg to nearly £1m. They are in good company, with an estimated 1,000 UK savers now part of the so-called Isa millionaire club.

We pre-booked seats and meals for our flight home from Skiathos, Greece. At check-in, we were told the seats had been overbooked, so were allocated 38E and 38F instead of 5A and 5B.

Natalie Portman, 37, DENIES that she ever dated Moby, 53

NEW Natalie Portman has rejected Moby’s claims that the pair once dated, saying he was just an ‘older man being creepy’. The electronic musician wrote in his autobiography that he went out with the actress for ‘a few weeks’ when she was 20. Moby, now 53, whose real name is Richard Melville Hall, claimed that Miss Portman flirted with him backstage at one of his concerts.

Sarah Kuteh, 50, from Sierra Leone worked as an NHS nurse for 15 years. An appeal has ruled her dismissal from Darent Valley Hospital in Kent, after giving a patient a Bible, was fair.

NEW With fans still processing the epic Game of Thrones finale that aired on HBO Sunday night, Emilia Clarke has shed some light on the epic victory speech she gave.

Syed Ahmad, 51, grabbed Perveen Ahmad during an argument outsider her gym in Cheadle, Greater Manchester. He was pulled away by Ms Ahmad's boyfriend David Wallwork.

Keith Raniere got far more than he bargained for last April while planning some group play at the Mexican hideaway where he and his harem of sex slaves decamped amid fears the cult leader was indicted.

As Niki Lauda dies aged 70, TOM LEONARD on the story behind Grand Prix legend's incredible

On an Italian race track in 1976, the world witnessed one of the most courageous displays of resilience in sporting history. Six weeks earlier at the German Grand Prix at Nurburgring, the Ferrari driven by the Austrian racer Niki Lauda had come round a sharp corner at 140mph and slammed into a barrier. It bounced back on to the track and burst into flames before two more cars smashed into it (left). Pictured: Niki Lauda with his ex-wife Marlene in the Ferrari pits in 1976 (top right); Niki Lauda and wife Birgit Lauda (bottom right); Niki Lauda (Austria) and James Hunt (Great Britain) chat at the Belgian Grand Prix, Zolder 5 June 1977.

NEW Environment Secretary Michael Gove will make the announcement today after a public consultation revealed overwhelming support for the reduction of plastic.

Researchers from Hampden-Sydney College in the US found that the hair-like tissue in the jaws of baleen whales is better at trapping microplastics than oil in the ocean.

Niece of Syrian ruler al-Assad loses £25,000 in UK bank account because it breached

Aniseh Chawkat, 22 (right with triplet siblings Bassel and Beshui), the niece of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, rented a flat in London for more than £60,000 per year and benefited from 56 cash deposits into her account in 2017 and 2018. The National Crime Agency found that the payments were made at branches of Barclays across England, getting around EU sanctions to restrict the availability of funds from the Syrian regime. Chawkat's father Assef Shawkat was Syrian deputy Minister of Defence between 2011 and his death in 2012, and both her mother Bushra al-Assad (circled left) and uncle, the Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, are subject to international sanctions.

The State Department said an alleged chemical weapons attack in Idlib province, the last rebel stronghold is being examined. Trump has twice bombed the Syrian government.

NEW Tobias Ellwood said there is a ‘collective naivety’ about the problems facing the military, warning the UK will fall behind its adversaries if it does not invest more in defence.

Teenaged carpenter, 18, transforms £5,000 canal boat into luxury holiday home

Billy Walden (left during renovations), from Bentham, Lancaster, spent just eight weeks transforming the uninhabitable boat into a holiday home for his mother Jayne and sister Matilda (pictured together right, Matila in her boat bedroom top inset). The teenager started learning carpentry at just 14, and decided to take on a larger project after successfully renovating a Volkswagen camper all by himself. He said of the project: 'I'm a bit of an introvert and I've never been into video games and stuff like many lads my age - my idea of fun is spending time in the workshop near my home. So far we've travelled the whole down canal from Tewitfield to Preston, we all love being on it together and the boat is even named after my sister and mum as it's called Matilda Jayne.' Bottom inset: the kitchen on the canal boat.

The family in Hamburg, Germany, were bringing the infant (stock photo) home from hospital for the first time when they absent-mindedly walked off from the vehicle with the baby still inside.

Lauren Byrne from London revealed how a stranger had been staring and tutting at her for 10 minutes, before telling her to 'have some self respect love' and to do her make-up at home.

Workers at British Steel are demanding answers as they fear being booted out tomorrow amid calls for the government to step in an nationalist the company in order to save thousands of jobs.

Chinese diplomat Zhao Lijian, the deputy chief-of-mission at the Chinese embassy in Islamabad, responded by sharing a video on Twitter showing the Huawei P30 Pro's 50x optical zoom.

Tom Daley steps out with son Robbie and husband Dustin Lance Black after buggy row

Tom Daley and his husband Dustin Lance Black stepped out for a stroll in the sunshine with their baby son Robbie on Monday to start the week with a spot of breakfast. The appearance marks the first time the couple has been seen after Tom won his latest British gold medal at the weekend - which Dustin, 44, missed out on because the organisers at the Diving World series wouldn't let him bring Robbie's buggy onto the viewing platform.

Becca Milsom, 28, from Heath in Cardiff, had her car broken into ten years ago as she walked her dog through one of the city's suburbs. But she has now had it returned by a good Samaritan called George.

Deadline reports that Jeff Benedict's recently published New York Times best seller titled Tiger Woods is heading to television after Benedict made a deal.



Springer spaniel who helped his owner recover from depression attends Queen's garden party

Max’s owner, Kerry Irving, 54, from Keswick in Cumbria, overcame acute depression after a serious car accident to become a respected mental health campaigner. He says his 11-year-old English springer spaniel saved his life. In 2006, Mr Irving’s car was hit by a truck, leaving him with severe spinal injuries. Once active and outdoor-loving, he became virtually house-bound and suffered acute panic attacks. On his rare forays outside the house, he would see Max, who belonged to a neighbour, and eventually asked if he could take him for a walk. ‘There was something very special about him,’ he recalled and began pushing himself further and further each day. 'Max gave me a reason to get up in the morning and something else to focus on, other than the pain.’

The tricks shared to an international Facebook page founded in Cyprus, demonstrates how to quickly pop a wine cork without a corkscrew, and how to use  a cookie cutter to shuck sweetcorn.

Over 90 percent of the world's children live in highly-polluted areas, and University of Cincinnati brain scans revealed that those who do have greater anxiety and higher levels of a particular metabolite.

Commodore Nick Cooke-priest will sail the HMS Queen Elizabeth back to Portsmouth for the last time after using a Royal Navy car to take personal trips. Warship has been in dry dock in Scotland.

The UK-based Civil Aviation Authority says some carriers are charging a 'significant amount of money' to correct simple mistakes that are made during the booking process.

The dead sperm whale was found off the coast of Cefalu in Sicily with plastic bags inside its stomach. Carmelo Isgro performed autopsy and said the plastic was the most likely cause of death.

Flavia Ioana, 24, drowned in the bath after she reportedly hit her neck on the edge and slipped under the water in a freak accident in Deva, west Romania. Her boyfriend found her under the water.

Are these the WORST wedding cakes ever? Guests share the most disastrous bakes they've

Wedding guests from around the world have shared the worst cakes they've spotted in an online gallery, Pictured clockwise from top left: Tiers struggling to balance; a cake garnished with plants; odd cake toppers; tumbling turrets; an unfortunate spelling error on the groom's name, and a rather unromantic way to top off a wedding cake.

The North American Aerospace Defense Command says two of its F-22s intercepted two Tupolev Tu-95 strategic bombers inside the Alaska ADIZ on Monday.

The schoolgirl, 16, got separated from a friend after the Beyonce show at Cardiff's Millennium Stadium on June 6 last year and was chatted up by Peter Fox, 34, in a bar.

Candess Peters, 36, of Fulham, West London, rammed her Mercedes into James Doyle's vehicle and damaged a garage door. The pair had a child together following a one night stand 15 years ago.

Lucy White (pictured, left) died aged 24 after taking cocaine and prescription drugs. Her sister Stacey Jordan (right) has spoken of her pain at the drug deaths of her sibling as well as her mother just months later

Stacey Jordan from Bristol shared a heart-breaking picture of Lucy White after a drug cocktail-induced seizure just eight months before her mother, Annabel White, also died in January this year.

Downton Abbey movie finally releases first trailer as the Crawley family prepare for a royal visit, the staff lead a mutiny and Branson finds love again

The Downton Abbey movie hits cinema screens in September, and on Tuesday fans were finally given their first look at the hugely anticipated big screen spin off from the TV favourite. The first trailer was unveiled, featuring all of the much-loved cast from the ITV show, which aired its final episode in 2015 after six series.  Picking up in 1927 (over a year after the endpoint of the series), the trailer is based on changing times, and sees the Crawley family and their staff preparing for a royal visit from George V and Queen Mary.

Experts have found that the Mussaurus patagonicus - dubbed the Mouse Lizzard - became mobile in the same way as human beings, albeit some 200 million years ago.

A 35-foot-long tree limb fell and injured Penny Chang, 55, a tourist from Virginia who was sitting on a bench with her 19-year-old son Jacob in New York City's Washington Square Park on Monday.

Nicholas Rose, now 37, was convicted of killing Charlotte Pinkney, 16, in 2004 after attacking her when she spurned his sexual advances. He died at HMP Guys Marsh in Dorset on Sunday.

Robert Burke (pictured) moved from Oldham in Greater Manchester to work at a primary school in Aberdeen, and had been offered a relocation package of up to £8,000.

Elton John loses council battle to demolish makeshift castle for his two donkeys

The Rocket Man singer (left), 72, had the £20,000 makeshift castle (right) - complete with drawbridge - built at his luxury estate in Old Windsor, Berkshire in 1993. But Sir Elton had wanted to transform the site, designed to look like Windsor Castle, into a music studio leaving his four-legged friends homeless. He filed a lawfulness certificate earlier this year for the proposed new building to Royal Borough of Maidenhead and Windsor Council. This would mean the building wouldn't require planning permission and Sir Elton's neighbours wouldn't have to be notified of the plan. But, council officers have now refused his bid and told the rock star that it requires full planning permission.

The decision on UK general shooting licences was made without consultation and was issued with just 36 hours’ notice in the middle of the lambing season without a new system in place.

The Resolution Foundation, a poverty pressure group, said measures of how people buy necessities show deprivation has been falling for all age groups since the recession ended.

The anonymous stay-at-home mother, from America, took to Reddit to ask whether it was inappropriate to ask her husband for pocket money for 'fun things'. However, other users slammed her.

Aron Kato, 28, was seen being pushed into a BMW (pictured) in Ilford shortly after 4.30am on April 18. Police have now released CCTV footage in a bid to find the missing father-of-one.

The 'Moms + Marijuana' project at the University of Washington School of Medicine is the latest in a string of studies racing to deliver some concrete information as cannabis use increases all over.

Jean-Michel Saive, 49, is known as Belgium's best table tennis player after a career that spanned three decades saw him ranked number one from 1985 until 2011.

Couple promised hotel room 'oozing Greek chic and sophistication' share the dismal reality

Peter Smith (bottom-inset with wife Amanda), 56, from Thurlton, Norfolk jetted off to Tingaki in Kos on Thursday, May 9 with his wife, Amanda, to celebrate their 28th wedding anniversary. They had been told their hotel room, included as part of their £1,800 all-inclusive Jet2 holiday, would include jazzy modern lighting and wall decorations (such as the one pictured left). But when they arrived at the Gaia In Style hotel (top-inset), they found their room looking more like a 'hostel' (right). Mr Smith claims he was later told it had been used as a 'cleaning store'. Irritated at the situation, he took to the Jet2 Facebook page to post a picture of what he was promised, and a picture of the reality - complete with beige sheets, and a lack of atmospheric lighting. Jet2 has since moved Mr Smith and his wife to another room, which they are said to be 'happy' with.

Horrifying moment weightlifter's leg SNAPS as he attempts to squat 250kg in Russia

WARNING GRAPHIC CONTENT: Yaroslav Radashkevich was at the Eurasian Weightlifting Championship when he buckled under the colossal weight at the gym in Khabarovsk in the Russian Far East. In the footage his team remove the support (top left) and Radashkevich lowers himself (bottom left) and holds the weight for a brief moment with his legs bent before one of them breaks (right). He suffered a compound fracture to his right tibia and was rushed to hospital on Sunday. Radashkevich said he will require lengthy rehabilitation and will no longer be able to work as a personal trainer. He said he was facing immense difficulty in paying for bills, including his mounting medical costs.

Kenneth Kiley, 75, had got out of his car to exchange insurance details with the driver of a Vauxhall Corsa with which he had collided in Swindon in July last year. The was then mown down and killed.

The Order of Canons Regular of Premontre at Grimbergen Abbey in Belgium have begun brewing the ale again after rediscovering the original 12th-century recipe and methods in their archives.

Today West Midland Police's chief constable Dave Thompson (pictured) has condemned LGBT activists and Muslim parents for tense clashes outside a Birmingham primary school.

Mother hits out at PrettyLittleThing after size 8 dress she ordered barely fit her

Kirsty Dee purchased the £10 Basic Black Pocket Detail T-shirt dress from PLT in her usual size eight. But she was horrified to find that the product scarcely went over hear head and instead just about fit her youngster, Molly. Taking to Twitter, the disgusted mother shared a photograph of Molly, four, wearing the tiny black dress, alongside a picture of the ensemble's size eight label.

Stuart Philp, 48, was left 'ecstatic' after the team led by Nick Knowles in the BBC programme adapted the £200,000 property in Torquay, Devon, so he could live there with his mother and daughter.

A review by the University of Virginia into 12,000 infant sleep-related deaths between 2004 and 2014 found 219 babies died in car seats. In 99% of cases, they were not in a vehicle.

Mansur Gavriel uploads BIZARRE image that leaves Instagram baffled

Mansur Gavriel posted a photo of a model wearing a pair of its white lambskin ballerina flats and a cream dress on Instagram on Sunday. Her frock perfectly matches the background, causing quite a bit of confusion in the comments section. The dress is simply covering a part of her legs while she is kneeling, but the fabric blends into the background and makes it look like she has tiny bone-thin calves. Many people initially thought the photo was the result of Photoshop gone wrong. Even after commenters explained her dress was just covering part of her legs, people said the image was frightening and would cause them nightmares.

Greek scientists analysed data from 19,000 people to examine if there was a link between OSA and cancer. They found cancer was more prevalent in women with sleep apnoea than those without.

Alex Palmer Armand filmed her Golden Shepherd, Mei, sitting nervously in a hallway at their home in Lafayette, Louisiana on May 11, before the dog performed the unusual move.



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Woman blasts a wedding guest's 'inappropriate' dress for being short enough to see her

A woman from Germany was slammed by members of a shaming group on Facebook after stating that a wedding guest was dressed inappropriately. She argued the guest's dress was short enough to show her underwear. However members of the group accused the woman of being jealous, and declared that women can dress however they want.

The large elephant was seen charging into a restaurant and looking for food in the village of Mangai in Yunnan province, south-west China late last night. No one was hurt.

Baby elephant Fah Sai splashes around at the Elephant Retirement Park in Phuket, Thailand. He rolls around in the tub while his carer sprays water on him from a hose.

Beauty bloggers with acne share incredible before and after transformations using a £9

Make-up enthusiast Abbie Bull (pictured left), from Donnington, Shropshire, praised Revolution's Conceal and Define Foundation for its high coverage and long-wearing formula. Abbie wasn't the only blogger to favour the product, with British make-up fan Olivia Kennard (centre-right), 20, often using the affordable foundation. Shweihninzy (right), from the US, who suffers from severe acne, said the product offered 'amazing' coverage during a YouTube video. And UK-based SophDoesNails (centre-left) also raved about the beauty favourite while posting a YouTube video showing her blemished skin before and after using it.



The dark world of Hitler's elite Brandenburger troops

Nazi Germany's Brandenburger forces were known for using captured uniforms and fluency in other languages to disguise themselves as enemy soldiers and carry out spy missions. One such soldier, Sepp de Giampietro (pictured far left on a tank with German comrades), wrote a first-hand account called Blood and Soil: The Memoirs of a Third Reich Brandenburger, which has been translated into English for the first time. The book follows the young soldier through some of the war's most brutal conflicts. In the postscript he describes how he came to realise the horror of the Nazis and admits 'the war bore no justification'. Pictured top right: Brandenburgers parade in Athens in 1941; bottom right: the remains of a captured vehicle after the Brandenburgers, dressed in Russian uniform, had crossed a bridge in Latvia; inset: a Nazi grave marker with a damaged helmet on top, also in Latvia.

The video, thought to have been taken in Nanchang City, China, shows the newborn kitten carefully assessing the drop from the edge of the box before the three-year-old mother cat delivers a swift nudge.

Shocking moment homeless man is repeatedly kicked in 'senseless' daylight attack by a customer queuing outside a sandwich shop in London 

Footage shows the attacker standing in line outside Dilieto Sandwich Bar, near the City of London's financial district, before launching the attack on the victim. Police released the shocking video clip of the attack, which took place at around 12.20pm on March 28, with hopes of tracking down the person responsible for the 'violent and senseless attack on a vulnerable person'.